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Cold Calling is Dead?

Hello everyone 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time for writing, but here I am again. I didn’t forget writing about Affiliate but today our topic will be different. After our discussion with one of our friends – Hafiz Poladzade – and calls about his ads in California, about how we can achieve better results, made me to think about these type of companies/ Let’s take our GreenDiamond project in Tbilisi or popularization Code Academy events in Baku or etc.

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Today and future of e-commerce


While we are approaching to the end of 2016 main questions being asked by our colleagues who strive to keep up with evolution in digital world are – “Anything new?”, “What will happen then?” type questions. I will try to share the innovation I come up with and possible solutions to existing problems. Let’s start from the title – today and future. E-commerce is a type of topic that considering the speed of innovation in digital world, we can say

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1 or 0! Let’s start! ;-)

Since past months – particularly since September – innovations in digital world, changes in global market and surprising products are main compelling force to introduce my new blog today. Apple sent us a serious message in a wireless world by dropping  audio jack in 2016 which was in use since 1964. We wouldn’t be mistaken if we claim, Apple – already encouraging cloud system to world for years – chose a new path for the world. Of course, we could

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